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“A must-read for those interested in improving productivity of their employees in a global economy. Dr. Beyster truly created large-scale employee ownership in the United States."

B. R. Inman, Admiral,

U. S. Navy (Ret.)

This book is a guide to implementing principles and practices developed and used by SAIC to drive exponential growth, global expansion, and diversification across science and technology customers and markets. Topics include:


  • Sustaining a people-first culture

  • Linking contribution to rewards

  • Experimenting with management structures and business investment

  • Balancing reasonable profit and sustainable, accelerating growth


In The SAIC Solution, 2nd Edition, Dr. J. Robert Beyster — who founded SAIC in 1969, and grew it into the nation’s largest employee-owned research and engineering company — examines recent issues faced by the company, including its 2006 IPO, the dismantling of its employee-ownership culture, significant decline in shareholder value, and its eventual separation into two separately companies. This book also provides a cautionary tale for entrepreneurs, company founders and executives who seek to sustain their organizations in the 21st century.

“Dr. Beyster developed one of the first long-lasting high tech corporations with broad-based employee ownership and profit sharing and demonstrated that financial inclusion could work and prosper. His revised book teaches us that corporate governance and the role of boards requires an equivalent emphasis for employee ownership to sustain itself in a major corporation.”

Joseph Blasi, J. Robert Beyster Professor, Rutgers University,

School of Management and Labor Relations, Author of The Citizen's Share



“The SAIC Solution is a valuable reminder that firms can be great by doing what is right, and offers lessons on how to do it. Boards of directors, CEOs, and shareholders: read this book.”


Dr. Richard Freeman, Herbert Ascherman Chair in Economics,

Harvard University

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